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Tea Superstitions

To stir the pot counter clockwise will stir up trouble,
To make tea stronger than usual indicates a new friendship,
To spill a little tea while making it is a lucky omen,
If the lid is accidentally left off the teapot, you may expect a stranger bringing bad news,
To put milk in your tea before sugar is to cross the path of love, perhaps never to marry,
Two teaspoons, accidentally placed together on the same saucer, points to a wedding or a pregnancy,
If two women should pour from the same teapot, one of them will have a baby within the year,
Tea spilling from the spout of the teapot while being carried indicates a secret will be revealed,
Undissolved sugar in the bottom of your teacup means that there is someone sweet on you,
If the tag falls off the teabag while it’s in your cup, you will lose something within a week.