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Quilted Dome Tea Cozy

My Quilted Dome Tea Cozy with the matching Trivet will keep your tea hot for hours. How do we know this?  We are tea lovers and always have a pot on the go waiting for us to come for another cup or to share with another. So, this has been tested by my family and it is the one on our tea pot.  Not just a pretty face, function and beauty !

How does my tea cozy keep the tea hot?  I use 4 layers of fabric to make 2 sandwiches.  Top layer with thick quilt batting that is quilted, the lining  layer with  metalized poly batting which reflects heat back to the source. The Tea Pot Trivet has a layer of warm and natural cotton and a layer of metalized poly batting.

Place the Tea Cozy Dome over the tea pot which is sitting on the matching trivet. Now all the tea pot surfaces are covered and the heat is reflected back to the tea pot.  Caution: You may need a pretty tea towel handy to use when pouring as the handle will be almost as hot as the tea inside the pot.

Tea Cozy Care:  I normally use quilt quality cotton and or cotton blend and do lean toward washable fabrics.  Machine was on cool; dry on delicate or dry flat;  iron set to medium if needed.  Some fabrics can not we laundered but that will be stated on sale page.

Since designing my tea cozy, I have sold them all over the world and these people have re-ordered for themselves and their tea loving friends and family.  I hope you will find a fabric that appealed to you for your next tea cozy but if not, contact me with your special request.

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  1. This is my new favorite tea cozy, and I collect them! It is so beautiful I ordered a new teapot that matches the dominant color. It is beautifully made, truly keeps tea hot, and the quality of the fabric is unparalleled. I now own five tea cozies from this shop — my clients love them (I include a tea service with my work) and my husband adores his manly tea cozy that has proud stags all over it. Just the best! Jessica

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