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Potato Baker for the Microwave

Now available here on this site.  Nothing like a baked potato without the long cooking time and it turns out every time!tater baker

Delicious Baked Potatoes cooked in a Potato Microwave Baker Bag! Unique Potato design on 100% cotton fabric. Your fully cook potatoes takes just a few minutes in these specially designed microwave cooking bags. Potatoes will be flavorful, soft and fluffy in a fraction of the time than oven baked and with less energy use.

Bags may be used to cook other foods such as; corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, etc. You can warm breads or rolls, biscuits or tortillas and keep them warm for up to an hour. Also may be used as an attractive hot pad or pot holder.

These bags are designed with a convenient overlapping flap, which allows easy insertion and removal of potatoes. The flap helps seal in moisture, which is essential to the steam cooking process. Steam cooking is part of a healthy life style.

Microwave safe, made with all cotton materials including cotton thread. Instructions for care and use are included on packaging. Very easy to care for. Simply air dry after use. Bags are machine washable. Handy tab for hanging with your potholders & oven mitts.

HOW TO: Simply wash the potatoes and leave moist. DO NOT PIERCE ANY HOLES IN THE POTATO, and place them in the bag. Cook on high, the minutes depend on the number & size of the potatoes, and the power of the microwave. The cooking times will vary for what you are cooking in the bags so we suggest you monitor the cooking.

For example: In my microwave, 4 small taters will cook in about 4 minutes, 2 med sized sweet potatoes will take about 6 to 8 minutes. I monitor the cooking and squeeze the veg for done-ness (umm, that’s a tech cook term for “cooked just right for me!”).

Potato Baker Bags are great for the person on your list who has everything or skips using these wonderful veggies due to the standard cooking times or just not want to bother because they are only cooking for one or 2.

Make some for your family and see if they can tell the difference. Put a Potato Baker Bag in a gift basket with a few fresh potatoes for an unusual gift.

You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Handmade in Canada by Shirley Jarrett. Please visit my blog at

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  1. Love, love, love my potato baker bag that Shirley made for me. The workmanship is excellent and Shirley is wonderful about communicating about what you need for a perfect fit! This exceeds all of my expectations! Thank you Shirley. Deb Graham

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