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Measure your Pot!

tea pot size

Tea pots come in all kinds of sizes but I can usually  make a Tea Cozy for any of them. Best practice is to measure, then decide on the style you want before ordering.  If you are not sure what to order, please contact me so I can help you.  I want you to be very happy with your new tea cozy!

Measure the pot
Measure the pot



For the french press DOME cozy, you just need the distance around it including the handle, and the height including the push-down bit on the lid.

The French Press Bodum JACKET only goes around the cylinder or body of the bodum & that is what you measure.






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Ireland Passport with a Gaelic Welcome Tea Cozy

Ireland Passport with a Gaelic Welcome and a collage of Irish iconic symbols.

I actually made this Irish “Tae” cozy for a friend & during the research, I found the most popular Irish brands of tea are Bewley’s, Barry’s, and Lyon’s’, which I included in the gift basket. They prefer loose tea not bags as they like their tea very dark.  Read More at Irish Fireside. – (have you figured out that we are tea lovers?)  Shirley

Gaelic “Cead Mile Failte” translated is “A hundred thousand welcomes”.

Harp Description: This ancient instrument has long symbolised the island of Ireland. It’s Nationalist origins come from when Owen Roe O’Neill, a Gaelic Chieftain, adopted a green flag incorporating the harp.

Shamrock Description: is one of Ireland’s national emblems. Legend has it that the shamrock was used by St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, to illustrate the Holy Trinity. While trying to convert the Irish into Christians, St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity with each leaf representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three leaves of a shamrock are also said to stand for faith, hope and love, hence its widespread use on St. Patrick’s day on 17 March.

This dome tea cozy comes in small for 2-4 cup and larger for 6-8 cup tea pots,  Included is a tea pot mat / trivet so your tea pot will be completely insulated all around to keep your tea nice and hot. Linen and cotton blends used throughout construction. 2 layers of insulation, one of insulbrite & one of thick poly is encased in the outer shell & the lining.

Buy 2-4 cup Tea Cozy

Buy 6 to 8 cup Tea Cozy

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Snuggie Tea Cozy Wrap New Design

My once popular Snuggie Tea Cozy wrap was losing popularity so I asked some of the stores that carry them for feedback. They responded with the ribbon closure seems to be the issue for arthritic / rheumatism hands, men & kids are put off too by fussing with a ribbon to close the top when making a pot of tea.

These are the changes that I made.  Now has plastic elastic in the drawstring channel and closes with a Velcro tab.  The lid is exposed for filling the teapot with water or for topping up the pot with more hot water.

The sewn in bottom is back in the design, so it is easy to place the teapot inside the cozy.  The bottom has a layer of insul brite to help keep the tea hot longer plus help absorb any drips from the spout.

The handle & spout remain on the outside of the cozy for easy access to pour your tea.

Buy your Snuggie Tea Cozy Here

Snuggie Tea Cozy Ready to useRemove teapot by opening the velcro tabMake tea & replace the teapot in the snuggie cozy.New! Cozy with sewn in insulated bottom.
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Flag of Scotland with Lion Rampant Shield – Dome Tea Cozy with Trivet – St Andrew’s Cross

Today I added a few new tea cozies with the Scotland’s Flag.  I incorporated Flag of Scotland, Saint Andrews Cross, Lion Rampant Shield, Banner o Scotland, Saltire all in blue white & red.

Read more here About The Official Scottish Flag

**Please note: The blue background colour is as close to the official pantone 300 c as I could get. Cameras, lighting and displays will alter the colours and this Tea Cozy only represents the spirit of the Scottish Flag NOT the Official Flag itself.***

I have been enjoying the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon  .  2 seasons on TV & now Netflix…read or listened to audio books & now I am into the 6th book of the Outlander Series…A Breath of Snow & Ashes…I highly recommend this whole book series as Diana Gabaldon weaves into her story

“history, warfare, medicine, sex, violence, spirituality, honor, betrayal, vengeance, hope and despair, relationships, the building and destruction of families and societies, time travel, moral ambiguity, swords, herbs, horses, gambling (with cards, dice, and lives), voyages of daring, journeys of both body and soul…”

So if you are Scottish or know someone who is…they enjoy their tea & my tea cozies will keep their tea hot for when they want a 2nd cup after the refreshing first!  Handmade in Canada by me..Shirley Smile


Purchase here


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Quilted Dome Tea Cozy

My Quilted Dome Tea Cozy with the matching Trivet will keep your tea hot for hours. How do we know this?  We are tea lovers and always have a pot on the go waiting for us to come for another cup or to share with another. So, this has been tested by my family and it is the one on our tea pot.  Not just a pretty face, function and beauty !

How does my tea cozy keep the tea hot?  I use 4 layers of fabric to make 2 sandwiches.  Top layer with thick quilt batting that is quilted, the lining  layer with  metalized poly batting which reflects heat back to the source. The Tea Pot Trivet has a layer of warm and natural cotton and a layer of metalized poly batting.

Place the Tea Cozy Dome over the tea pot which is sitting on the matching trivet. Now all the tea pot surfaces are covered and the heat is reflected back to the tea pot.  Caution: You may need a pretty tea towel handy to use when pouring as the handle will be almost as hot as the tea inside the pot.

Tea Cozy Care:  I normally use quilt quality cotton and or cotton blend and do lean toward washable fabrics.  Machine was on cool; dry on delicate or dry flat;  iron set to medium if needed.  Some fabrics can not we laundered but that will be stated on sale page.

Since designing my tea cozy, I have sold them all over the world and these people have re-ordered for themselves and their tea loving friends and family.  I hope you will find a fabric that appealed to you for your next tea cozy but if not, contact me with your special request.

Life is Good!

Shirley Smile




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History of the Tea Cozy

Union Jack Tea Cozy made by Tea Cozy Shop / Tea Cozy Canada

In the mid-1800s, England’s Duchess of Bedford introduced a social activity to her peers that became a daily custom — the practice of serving afternoon tea. While elite members of society chatted about current affairs, a hand-knitted teapot cover known as a tea cozy, or tea cosy, kept the British from having to imbibe chilled tea.

Popular Tea Cozy
During the late 19th-century Victorian era, tea cozy popularity soared in Britain and spread overseas to North America, according to the Learn About Tea website. Newspapers offered tea enthusiasts instructions on how to create the much sought-after teapot accessory that originally resembled a knitted hat.

Tea Cozy Variations
Whether manufactured from wool, cloth or lace, and crocheted or knitted, a tea cozy insulates the heated teapot. Padded cloth varieties may be embroidered with decorative designs and are easy to launder once the padding is removed. Tablecloths, aprons, oven mitts and other kitchen accessories often match the pattern on a tea cozy.

red tartan2
Red Tartan “Over the Top” Tea Cozy

When covered with a tea cozy, a pot of tea can remain hot for up to three hours, according to the Learn About Tea website. A ring attached to the top of a cozy provides a means for easy removal, but some styles include openings for the lid and spout allowing the cozy to stay on the pot while the tea is poured.Sometimes small pockets hidden inside a cozy hold dried herbs and flowers that exude enticing aromas when placed over a warm pot of tea.