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Ireland Passport with a Gaelic Welcome Tea Cozy

Ireland Tae Cozy2

Ireland Passport with a Gaelic Welcome and a collage of Irish iconic symbols. I actually made this Irish “Tae” cozy for a friend & during the research, I found the most popular Irish brands of tea are Bewley’s, Barry’s, and Lyon’s’, which I included in...

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Snuggie Tea Cozy Wrap New Design

My once popular Snuggie Tea Cozy wrap was losing popularity so I asked some of the stores that carry them for feedback. They responded with the ribbon closure seems to be the issue for arthritic / rheumatism hands, men & kids are put off too...

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Canadian Spring Welcome

It’s always exciting to watch our garden begin to come alive with the lilacs in bloom and the trees beginning to leaf and flower. I can’t wait for the warm spring mornings to drink my first cup of tea for the day on the patio....

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Tea To Go, 1937- 8 Style

Julian Trevelyan 1937-8

What a great picture of history. This is a Julian Trevelyan 1937- 8 picture. Julian Trevelyan (1910 – 1988) made a significant contribution to the development of contemporary printmaking in Great Britain both as an artist and a teacher.

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Potato Baker for the Microwave

Now available here on this site.  Nothing like a baked potato without the long cooking time and it turns out every time! Delicious Baked Potatoes cooked in a Potato Microwave Baker Bag! Unique Potato design on 100% cotton fabric. Your fully cook potatoes takes just...

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Medicinal Teas for Colds & Flu – Cafetiere To Brew Teas

Long before the advent of antihistamine tablets and specially formulated cold remedies, cold and flu sufferers turned to herbal teas to relieve their symptoms. Those homemade infusions were rich in vitamins, minerals and medicinal compounds. You can find commercial versions of these old-time remedies in...

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Happy Holidays FREE Gift with your Purchase

free key-chain-wallet

From November 15 to December 24, I am including a FREE GIFT with any purchase! My Key Chain Wallets are made of fabric, with a metal snap or velcro closure and tab for your key ring. I love this little wallet as it is handy to...

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Grimsby Ontario, Places of Interest

Forty Mile Creek Side Trail This trail connects to the Bruce Trail and the Waterfront Trail and provides a walk through downtown Grimsby. One end of the trail is the relaxing waterfront at Lake Ontario and the other end is the picturesque Niagara Escarpment. Access...

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English Trifle


1 large package jello, any flavor (made as directed on pkg) 1 large package vanilla pudding or Birds English Custard (made according to directions) 1 angle food cake or sponge cake 1 large can fruit cocktail, drained 2 cups whipping cream, whipped Maraschino cherries for...

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